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Vail Valley Vet Pet Services Overview

Pet Services Overview

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We provide complete on-site medical, dental, and surgical services. Our hospital has two exam rooms, treatment area, in-house laboratory & pharmacy, radiology/ultrasound services, and a dedicated surgical suite. We also offer a complete indoor and outdoor boarding facility for cats and dogs, professional grooming, Science Diet foods, and a limited retail area for your convenience.

General Wellness For Your Pets

  • - Comprehensive annual exams including plenty of time to answer all your questions.
  • - Annual vaccinations
  • - Puppy & kitten programs to get them off to a healthy start
  • - Focus on disease prevention
  • - Heartworm testing and medication
  • - Geriatric health programs for pets over seven years old


Surgical Care For Your Pets

  • - Orthopedic fracture and joint repair
  • - Soft tissue, internal surgery
  • - Anterior cruciate knee repair
  • - Spay/neuter and declaw
  • - Pre-anesthetic bloodwork to reduce risk from anesthesia
  • - Advanced surgical monitoring equipment
  • - Written post-operative instructions and pain medications


Dental Care For Your Pets

  • - Complete dental services
  • - Ultrasonic scaling and polishing
  • - Dental care products available
  • - Complimentary dental exam
  • - Oral surgery
  • - State-of-the-art digital dental x-rays (ability for quick Board Certified Radiologist interpretation)


Advanced Animal Care Capabilities

  • - In-house Digital X-ray for quick, clear, and accurate images (ability for quick Board Certified Radiologist interpretation)
  • - In-house laboratory for rapid results of blood and urine specimens
  • - Chemotherapy infusion and injection
  • - Abdominal and chest Ultrasound
  • - Cardiology consults and echocardiograms for advanced cardiac concerns
  • - Cold Laser therapy, Physical therapy consult, and acupuncture by certified veterinarian
  • - Comprehensive Emergency and Critical Care with 24 hr care on weekends and holidays (6 pm Friday to 8 am on Monday and all major holidays)




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