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Keep your pets safe over the Holiday Season!

how to keep your pet safe over the holidays

The Holiday's can be a difficult time for your pets. That's why we recommend that you take a moment and review our TOP 10 HOLIDAY PET TIPS to ensure you are doing what you can to keep your pets healthy and safe over the Holiday Season!





Tip #1: Christmas Tree: Make sure it is well secured to prevent tipping or falling. Avoid any water preservatives that can be toxic to pets.


Tip #2: Holiday Plants: Holly and mistletoe need to be hung with care because they can be extremely toxic to pets when eaten.


Tip #3: Candles: Lit candles should never be left unattended.


Tip #4: Lights and electrical cords: Secure and place with care. These can be devastating to the chewers in the house causing intestinal obstructions or burning of the mouth.


Tip #5: Ornaments: Tinsel and ribbons can cause terrible obstructions when eaten and be wary of low lying sharp or breakable ornaments just waiting for a happy tail or curious cats.


Tip #6: Leftovers: Fatty, spicy foods, and bones can cause severe and even life threatening diarrhea, vomiting and obstructions.


Tip #7: Cocktails: Keep all alcoholic beverages up and away from exploring pets. If alcoholic beverages are ingested by dogs and cats it can cause severe injury.


Tip #8: Medications: All medications should be securely stored and put in safe places to avoid accidental ingestion.


Tip #9: Stress and company: With parties afoot be wary of stressed animals and open doors. Make sure pets are kept in a safe and comfortable room with a collar and preferable a microchip to prevent lost or missing love ones.


Tip #10: Finally, New Years: The pop of a fire work or noise maker can terrify some pets and cause severe stress and escape. Light music in a quiet safe area of the house can do wonders. If this doesn't do the trick speak to your veterinarian about safe sedatives.


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